Looking for Something?

Admit it or not, everyone is. Including you.

You’ve tried all the stuff that’s on TV: food, clothes, nice house, car, boat, electronic gadgets, holidays. Somehow, it just doesn’t do it for you any more. You’ve got it pretty good, you should be happy, but it’s just not enough. All this stuff is supposed to make us happy, fulfilled, comfortable, content…peaceful. You long for that sense of calm and serenity. Just like the ads promised…

What is wrong with life?

What can possibly still be missing?

It’s like…you want something…different. Radically different from anything you’ve had before. Something transforming.

God is something different. God is transforming.

Can there really be a God? Can he/she/it help us find what it is we are looking for? Who is this Jesus bloke you keep hearing about and what has he got to do with God? What do people do in church? What can you do in a church?

If you’re even remotely curious about any of this stuff, you might want to check out church. Even if you’ve tried church before, and it wasn’t really your thing. Even if you’ve tried church before and were disappointed. You still want to make sure you are not missing out on anything, right?

What have you got to lose?